I’ve decided to write up a few patterns that I’ve created. They’re not too complicated and anyone looking at the end result could probably figure out what to do.  But I’d like to do this as an exercise in pattern writing and to feel like I’m helping out the community.  I use a lot of free patterns so thought I’d try to give something back!

Of course I haven’t started the patterns yet as work/life gets in the way.  But it’s high on my list of To Dos.

The first two patterns I created after doing the Design Your Own Monster class from Craftsy.

This little guy was made my nephew Theo;  he is yet unnamed.

IMG-20121202-00136This guy is called Google.  I made a two of these for two of my nieces.  They get recognition for the great name!

IMG-20130315-00189The last pattern I would like to write up is probably the easiest.  I made this scarf for my husband who is a die hard Manly Sea Eagles supporter.  My thought process was to come up with a similar pattern for each of the teams in the NRL.  Big dreams!

IMG-20130401-00200Figuring out how to write up a pattern effectively is a big goal.  Taking better photos of the end result will be a major step 🙂

Please write me a comment if you have any helpful tips or warnings!  Or also if you’re interested in the pattern; that will motivate me and create some urgency around this project!

Please reply, I love all comments!

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