My mother taught me to knit when I was about seven but I didn’t progress past the simple knit stitch and stopped all together at age ten when we moved to a sub-tropical climate.  When I was twenty-six I dabbled again and learned to cast on, purl and cast off.  Then I lost motivation.

When I was thirty I settled down with my now husband and became a step-mum to two gorgeous kids.  I found I needed something to do whilst watching football and kids TV shows.  Knitting came to the rescue!

Now I can cable, knit with colours, lace knit, knit in the round and in 2012 my goal was to knit socks. (Update: I have now successfully knitted socks using double pointed needles.  My new goal is to try using 9″ circular needles!)

A couple of years ago I also decided to learn how to crochet.  Now I switch between the two crafts when my shoulders hurt from knitting or when my fingers get sore from crochet.

I describe myself as a knitting, crocheting, reading and writing enthusiast (albeit the writing part usually comes second to the others).  This blog is to remind and encourage me to pursue these passions despite the daily grind.

As of October 14 2014 we completed our blended family with the birth of our baby boy.  I’m currently on maternity leave and unfortunately (although not surprisingly) I don’t have as much time to craft and blog as I hoped! How parents handle more than one child I’ll never know. Kudos to you out there!

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