WIP Wednesday – Lempster Progress

What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger right?  Or at least it gives you numb fingertips.

Progress on the Lempster is slow but seeing the pattern reveal itself is rewarding.  Less rewarding is that every time I pick it up I manage to make yet another mistake.  However I did convince myself that I’ll wear this jumper with all its mistakes with pride.

Unfortunately I now have to contend with the following:

1. Yarn shortage

Negative – despite knitting a swatch, doing the maths up front, I am running out of yarn.  I might be OK to wear a jumper with mistakes, but would I be OK to wear a jumper with a noticeable difference in the colour lots? It’s also $12 per ball, buying enough to finish may bankrupt me.

Positive – there is yarn left and available to purchase.  I’m preying to the knitting gods that there isn’t too much difference in the colours.  If there was no yarn left to purchase the situation would be much more dire!

2. Sizing

Negative – did I mention that I did a swatch? Right up front I knew that this would be a mammoth effort so I did the necessary boring pre-work.  The resulting sizing should have been a jumper with 2 inches of negative ease.  I’m now concerned this will end up tight fitting; usually not a problem except that there has been some fud on Ravelry that the cable design looks like a vagina.  Now that it’s out there, it’s all I can see.  Will I be happy wearing a big, stretched vagina on my chest? Feminist in me says “Yes! You go girl!”.  Introvert in me is a little more… well… introverted.

Positive – the swatch did get bigger when I blocked it so there’s a possibility it’ll fit OK.  The feminist in me wants to list the cable design looking like a vagina as a positive too.  Vaginas are awesome after all.

photo (4)I guess the fact that I’m already thinking about knitting another with no mistakes in a brighter colour means I’m enjoying this right?

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WIP Wednesday – Lempster for me!

Wow what an end to the year.  Since my last post I completed Kaitlin’s Elephant and another Unicorn for Theo.  Unfortunately in the Christmas rush I had everything wrapped up and ready to go before I realised I hadn’t taken any photos for the blog.  I was so keen to get the last of the amigurumi completed and start on some massive knit project that the motivation to post about them was just not there.

Maybe I’ll go back and post about them later.  Meanwhile I’m more interested in what’s on my needles right now.  The pattern is from the latest Knitty and seemed to come at exactly the right time.  It has the perfect amount of cabling and I fell in love with the fit.  I think Lempster is possibly the most perfect sweater I’ve found so far!

Being Christmas I didn’t feel I should be going and spending money on a bunch of new yarn so I pulled out some Jo Sharp Silk Road Ultra that I bought way back for a different sweater that I’ve fallen out of love with.  It’s completely the wrong weight but I went with 5″ needles to try to make up for it.  Even did a swatch to check! Not exact but close enough.

It’s a testament to how much I love this pattern that I ripped out the shoulders no less than five times before finally getting it right.  I even managed to twist it when I joined in the round.  It certainly prompted a few comments from my husband such as “I don’t know why you do something that makes you so angry”, or “I thought knitting was supposed to be a relaxing hobby?”.  I don’t think he’s heard me swear so much while knitting since I took up the hobby again a few years ago.

It never occurred to me to give up though (have you seen this pattern? go take a look and you’ll understand why!). Thank goodness for the Ravelry community and the fantastic comments and pictures from other knitters. They kept me on the right path and are the only reason I have gotten as far as I have.

Which is that I’ve just separated the arms and about to continue down the body!

photo (3)Please don’t look too closely.  There are too many mistakes to count; but this jumper is for me and when I wear it I’ll remember all the blood sweat and tears that went into it.

I’ll also remember that this was the Christmas we spent two weeks with my in-laws and we all came down with the worst gastro ever.  The same Christmas that saw a trip to hospital for my poor step-son who was vomiting for so long that he needed a drip to re-hydrate.  The Christmas my step-daughter got an ear infection on top of the gastro that saw her having to take antibiotics, which were worse than the infection itself.

But also the Christmas that brought me closer to my in-laws than ever before; and the Christmas that saw the end of renovations that took three years to plan, seven months of living in a construction site covered in dust and three months of no kitchen.

What’s a few mistakes in my first top-down, cable-knit jumper against all of that?

Bring on 2014!

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