Finished Objects Friday – Nicko’s Wolf

Thank goodness it’s Friday! These past few weeks have been pretty full on from a work and home renovation standpoint. So I’m very excited to have something to show off this week – Nicko’s Wolf!

It’s Nicholas’ 9th birthday next weekend and I’m pleased to have this done early. Especially as his cousin’s birthday is the weekend after and I really need to get cracking on her Unicorn.

The pattern is Grey Wolf by Adriana Aguirre.  She has heaps of cool patterns, I recommend checking her out.

IMG-20131107-00096Check out other Finished Objects on Tami’s Blog.


9 thoughts on “Finished Objects Friday – Nicko’s Wolf

  1. That wolf is amazing! I had started to knit some socks for a kid I babysit, but seeing this guy, I think she’d prefer a cuddly toy instead! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

    • I can personally attest to how much kids love these little toys. It’s been a staple gift for a couple of years now and once you’ve done a few you can whip them up pretty quickly!

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