WIP Wednesday – Kaitlin’s Elephant

This week’s amigurumi is brought to you again by Adriana Aguirre and it’s Emilia the Elephant.  Using the rest of the yarn from Nicko’s Wolf, which is Cosy Wool from Lincraft.  It’s quite rough and I think I’m developing a callous where I tension the yarn on my finger.  But crafting can be a dangerous hobby as well all know.

photo (2)


Head, legs done and started the body.  Won’t be done for this Friday but maybe the next!

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Finished Objects Friday – Tanesha’s Unicorn

Thanks Thuri Jons for giving me the motivation to finish Flavia this week! I hope you managed to get your Kitty sewn up too – can’t wait to see her.

Nostrils are a bit wonky but I’m not worried enough to fix it. I never manage to get things perfectly straight!

photo (1)

First time I’ve done this kind of hair before. Was heaps of fun and I love the effect!


Next project will be the same pattern for my nephew.  Although I might mix up the colours a bit as he loves yellows and purples.

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WIP Wednesday – Tanesha’s Unicorn

It’s birthday season! To be honest I’m kind of over these little toys, I’m having dreams about starting a beautiful cable knit sweater.  But the little people in my life keep having birthdays and it’s only fair that they all get their own amigurumi!

Next cab off the rank is Flavia the Unicorn for my niece Tanesha.  She’s the eldest of the kids at 13 but hopefully she’s still young enough to enjoy her.

With any luck this will be a FOF this week – but given the first thing I reached for when I got home was a glass of wine I don’t like my chances!


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Finished Objects Friday – Nicko’s Wolf

Thank goodness it’s Friday! These past few weeks have been pretty full on from a work and home renovation standpoint. So I’m very excited to have something to show off this week – Nicko’s Wolf!

It’s Nicholas’ 9th birthday next weekend and I’m pleased to have this done early. Especially as his cousin’s birthday is the weekend after and I really need to get cracking on her Unicorn.

The pattern is Grey Wolf by Adriana Aguirre.  She has heaps of cool patterns, I recommend checking her out.

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