WIP Wednesday – Nick’s Wolf and My Noro Socks

My step son’s birthday is coming up mid-November and he picked out the Grey Wolf pattern for his amigurumi this year.  I bought this pattern a while back but didn’t have a reason to make it until now.

Sunday saw me walking up to my local Lincraft to buy yarn.  I needed the walk after a 45 hour journey traveling back from Toronto.  Pressure stockings helped with the swelling but getting the blood flowing was the best cure for jetlag despite the heat and smokey air from the fires around Sydney right now – bush fires in Octobers! Crazy times 😦

Monday night I kicked off the project and it’s making good, if not slow, progress.  I’ve finished the head and now starting on the body.IMG-20131023-00086My trip to Toronto for work was a whirlwind one.  Going to the other side of the world for one week really does take a toll, but it was totally worth it.  Never been to Canada before and meeting my colleagues over there was incredible.

The project for the trip was my Edwardian Boat sock which I have been slowly working on since partially recovering from the first one.  Despite the 15 hour flights and 10 hour stop over in LAX I think I knitted about 10 rows on the heel.  Still on track for it to be done before it gets cold again I guess!

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Finished Objects Friday – Lion and Crab

After struggling for a few weeks to find motivation for my projects, I think I may have my mojo back!

It almost came to a head last week when I finally finished the lion.  The last few hours of it were a massive struggle and when I was finally done, I never thought I’d pick up a hook or needles again.  Even this adorable creature wasn’t enough to give me a FO high.

photo (1)Instead of the typical drive to start a new project, I instead felt utter relief and spent the next few days being a complete, unproductive slob.

For the most part I was enjoying my slobbishness, the only issue was that the daughter of my longest friend is about to turn one and I had planned all year to make her something.  I agonised for days over whether I could, should, would do it.

And then Monday morning a miracle happened.  I woke up, after a long sleep, remembered it was a public holiday, and that I didn’t have to drag my ass to work, and that I had another day before I had to face the stress again.  My fingers were itching!

This little guy was done before the public holiday was over.  In fact he was done just after lunch!  Lucky he got to see a bit of Aussie sun before being sent over to cloudy, wet England.

IMG-20131007-00083I needed to check that my friend hadn’t moved house since our last correspondence.  During which time he kept an eye on things at work to make sure the stress didn’t get too out of hand and remind me why I do the job that I do – to pay for my yarn habit of course!

IMG-20131008-00084Yesterday he began his long journey over to the other side of the world.  I miss him dearly. I may need to make another little friend to keep me company at my desk and remind me of the important things in life when work gets out of hand.

Does anyone else bring their creations to work?

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