WIP Wednesday – Evie’s Lion

Something weird has been happening for the past few weeks.  I have completely lost the motivation to craft.  Since I seriously started crafting again a few years ago I never expected this to happen.  My fingers practically itch to pick up a project whenever I can.  I’ve even got my travel crafting down pat to make sure I’m making the best use of all of my time.

Last Friday though I sat watching TV with a glass of wine and realised I hadn’t picked up any project in over a week.

It was a Twilight Zone moment.

I decided I needed to take action before it lasted too long.  There are two birthdays coming up for some very important little people in my life.  They’re young enough to still love toys and old enough to help me pick out the pattern and yarn.  And Fresh Stitches patterns are always fun.  So on Saturday we picked out, Kepler the Lion, and bought the yarn.  By Saturday night I had completed the below.

IMG-20130925-00082Unfortunately I haven’t touched it since.  I’m wondering if my lack of craft motivation might by symptomatic of something more lingering?

Have any of you ever lost your craft mojo before?

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5 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday – Evie’s Lion

  1. Yes, sometimes I feel exactly the same, and I just take a week or two off. Then usually I see something that inspires me and I’m back at it again.

  2. I’ll lose my craft mojo at times, often if I’m tired or stressed about something or feeling like I have to get something finished and I’m not enjoying it. I tend to do what you did and work on a quick project to rekindle things. Or I cast on a special project that I’ve been wanting to do for a while, either a special pattern or special yarn. If that doesn’t work then I’ll wait it out, life’s too short to spend it making something you aren’t enjoying.

    Hope you find your mojo again soon 🙂

  3. That stuffie is going to so adorable when it is put together. I lose my craft itch when I am stressed or nervous about something. Usually once I work through what is bothering me though it comes back. Hope yours comes back soon.

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