Finished Objects Friday – Bec’s Birthday Hat

Today’s finished object is particularly sweet.  It’s the project that I was really not feeling.  It’s one I dreaded the thought of picking up whilst at the same time just wanted to get it done.  And because it’s a present for a great friend, one that she asked for specifically, it wasn’t one that I could push to the back of the closet and forget about.

Though even while I was not enjoying working on it, I knew that once it was done I would love it.  The potential was there the whole time.  Strange that the potential didn’t make me more interested in it? Anyhow it’s done now, and I have to admit being tempted to keep it for myself.

IMG-20130913-00067The only niggling doubt I have is that it might be too big for Bec.  I have an unusually large head and it’s loose on me.  This is a annoying as there was a lot of rigmarole trying to measure Bec’s head. I kept forgetting when we caught up; and then when I did remember, I’d have forgotten the measuring tape.

IMG-20130913-00068Perhaps if it’s too big for her than I could keep this one and start again?

IMG-20130913-00075 Perish the thought!!

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