Finished Objects Friday – Leigh’s Owl

The first Nelson Owl I made was for Angela.  Her sister, Leigh, loved it so much I promised her one for her birthday too.  This was back in February.

Last Monday I was chatting to Angela who mentioned it was Leigh’s birthday in a week and she wondered how long it would take to make one.  There were other things on my needles and hook at the time but a promise is a promise!

Friday morning I started on the train to work.  I continued Friday night on the couch and into Saturday, determined to have it done by Monday.  Much to my surprise and glee the whole thing was done before Saturday lunch!  Too quick for any WIP photos, but on the plus side I managed to get some photos in natural light.

I’m getting a bit better at pulling the stitching tight so that he has a neck.  Maybe a bit too good as this one is permanently looking downwards!

IMG-20130831-00057Here he is enjoying being amongst the orchids.IMG-20130831-00056Happy Friday everyone!

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