WIP Wednesday – Evie’s Lion

Something weird has been happening for the past few weeks.  I have completely lost the motivation to craft.  Since I seriously started crafting again a few years ago I never expected this to happen.  My fingers practically itch to pick up a project whenever I can.  I’ve even got my travel crafting down pat to make sure I’m making the best use of all of my time.

Last Friday though I sat watching TV with a glass of wine and realised I hadn’t picked up any project in over a week.

It was a Twilight Zone moment.

I decided I needed to take action before it lasted too long.  There are two birthdays coming up for some very important little people in my life.  They’re young enough to still love toys and old enough to help me pick out the pattern and yarn.  And Fresh Stitches patterns are always fun.  So on Saturday we picked out, Kepler the Lion, and bought the yarn.  By Saturday night I had completed the below.

IMG-20130925-00082Unfortunately I haven’t touched it since.  I’m wondering if my lack of craft motivation might by symptomatic of something more lingering?

Have any of you ever lost your craft mojo before?

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Finished Objects Friday – Bec’s Birthday Hat

Today’s finished object is particularly sweet.  It’s the project that I was really not feeling.  It’s one I dreaded the thought of picking up whilst at the same time just wanted to get it done.  And because it’s a present for a great friend, one that she asked for specifically, it wasn’t one that I could push to the back of the closet and forget about.

Though even while I was not enjoying working on it, I knew that once it was done I would love it.  The potential was there the whole time.  Strange that the potential didn’t make me more interested in it? Anyhow it’s done now, and I have to admit being tempted to keep it for myself.

IMG-20130913-00067The only niggling doubt I have is that it might be too big for Bec.  I have an unusually large head and it’s loose on me.  This is a annoying as there was a lot of rigmarole trying to measure Bec’s head. I kept forgetting when we caught up; and then when I did remember, I’d have forgotten the measuring tape.

IMG-20130913-00068Perhaps if it’s too big for her than I could keep this one and start again?

IMG-20130913-00075 Perish the thought!!

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Finished Objects Friday – Leigh’s Owl

The first Nelson Owl I made was for Angela.  Her sister, Leigh, loved it so much I promised her one for her birthday too.  This was back in February.

Last Monday I was chatting to Angela who mentioned it was Leigh’s birthday in a week and she wondered how long it would take to make one.  There were other things on my needles and hook at the time but a promise is a promise!

Friday morning I started on the train to work.  I continued Friday night on the couch and into Saturday, determined to have it done by Monday.  Much to my surprise and glee the whole thing was done before Saturday lunch!  Too quick for any WIP photos, but on the plus side I managed to get some photos in natural light.

I’m getting a bit better at pulling the stitching tight so that he has a neck.  Maybe a bit too good as this one is permanently looking downwards!

IMG-20130831-00057Here he is enjoying being amongst the orchids.IMG-20130831-00056Happy Friday everyone!

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WIP Wednesday – Progress on Bec’s Hat

I have to admit feeling very unmotivated about this project.  I really just want to get it over and done with.  My first excuse for putting it on hold was that I didn’t know how big Bec’s head was. Now I know and there are no excuses for not working on it other than admitting that it’s just not giving me the usual crafting spark.

This project doesn’t distract me at work thinking about it.  Nor do I find myself picking it up as soon as I’m ensconced on the couch at home.  Even on my daily commute I find myself staring out the window rather than picking up the hook.

Bec’s actual birthday came and went last Saturday.  However I used the fact that I won’t see her until mid-September as yet another excuse to leave it alone.

I really don’t know what it is about this project.

Anyway here’s the progress.  Band has been completed as is three rows of the slouchy bit at the back.  Buttons are placed there where I’ll eventually sew them on.

IMG-20130904-00060Here’s hoping it’s a Finished Object before next weekend!

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