Finished Objects Friday – Does One Sock Count?

And here we are with the age-old question:  Does one sock count as a Finished Object? This week, for two reasons, I’m going to go with yes.

Reason 1: I haven’t had a Finished Object for a fortnight now and that bothers me.  I really needed the rush of casting off and sewing in the ends and pausing for a few minutes to admire my work before jumping head first into the next item.  I am a Finished Objects addict.

Reason 2: This sock has had it’s trials and tribulations (see the WIP Wednesday Post regarding this project).  A break is needed before I start sock two.  And seeing as how Spring seems to be here early in Sydney this year, if I wait until both socks are done before posting then it might be next winter.

So let’s pretend there’s two of them!

20130829_190009 20130829_185850They’re slightly too short for my foot, but that’s my bigger foot so I’m sure the other one will fit fine.

When I get around to doing it.

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9 thoughts on “Finished Objects Friday – Does One Sock Count?

  1. I would say one sock counts as a finished object! I admire people who can knit and make socks… I crochet a lot and I have never attempted to crochet socks….it just doesn’t sound right he he.

    Your sock looks great 🙂 even if it is a bit small for your big foot!

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