Finished Objects Friday – Angela’s Mittens and Sleeping Cat

I have two Finished Objects to show off today! Very exciting after not finishing anything for a week or so.  First off is Angela’s Mittens.  (Should that be “is Angela’s Mittens” or “are Angela’s Mittens”?  Feels weird because there are two mittens which implies plural; but it is a single set. Hmmmm.)

Here they are, I finished them off after marathon knitting sessions over the weekend.  They’re lovely and the yarn is great, but I have to admit having a serious case of second Mitten syndrome and it almost broke me

IMG-20130811-00036Close up of the hand bits.

IMG-20130811-00037I’m gifting them tonight at our monthly knitting night.  Hope she likes them!

After sewing in the ends I immediately started on the Sleeping Cat.  It’s a tiny little project and managed to finish it on Wednesday evening (after I’d already posted the WIP Wednesday photo!).  There are still some eyes and nose to embroider but I seem to have lost my black embroidery floss.  The birthday is not until early September so hopefully it shows up in the mean time.

Here she is sleeping on the book from which I got the pattern.  Just like a real cat, sleeping on whatever you’re trying to read!


The plan tonight is to start on a pair of socks all for me!!! I’ll be using my very first Noro Silk Garden Sock Yarn.  Have yet to decide on a pattern. Anyone got some good suggestions?

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