Finished Objects Friday – Does One Sock Count?

And here we are with the age-old question:  Does one sock count as a Finished Object? This week, for two reasons, I’m going to go with yes.

Reason 1: I haven’t had a Finished Object for a fortnight now and that bothers me.  I really needed the rush of casting off and sewing in the ends and pausing for a few minutes to admire my work before jumping head first into the next item.  I am a Finished Objects addict.

Reason 2: This sock has had it’s trials and tribulations (see the WIP Wednesday Post regarding this project).  A break is needed before I start sock two.  And seeing as how Spring seems to be here early in Sydney this year, if I wait until both socks are done before posting then it might be next winter.

So let’s pretend there’s two of them!

20130829_190009 20130829_185850They’re slightly too short for my foot, but that’s my bigger foot so I’m sure the other one will fit fine.

When I get around to doing it.

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WIP Wednesday – My Boat Socks

There’s been a ball of Noro Silk Garden burning a hole in my stash for a number of months now.  Add to that the Edwardian Boat Socks pattern that I bookmarked years ago before I knew how to knit socks, before I learned to use double pointed needles, before I had ever knitted anything in the round.  Mix it all up and you have my WIP for this week!

The whole thing started last Friday as a bit of an accident.  I knew my next project would be socks, but I thought I’d stick to a simple ribbed pattern.  After looking through my Ravelry favourites however, I found this little gem that I’d stashed away after reading about it in the Yarn Harlot blog.  I’ve tried finding the actual post but haven’t had much luck (after trying for about 3 seconds).  All I can say is I saw these socks and wondered if I would ever be good enough to knit something this fabulous.

Jump forward 2 years and after reading through the pattern now I was pretty confident.  I’m up to the point of turning the heel things are going really well as far as following the pattern.  I have made a lot of mistakes but I’m not to worried about them.

The reason I’m not too worried about them is because the biggest problem with this project is the choice of yarn.  But before we go too much into why this is the wrong yarn for the project, let’s look at the photos.

Here’s where I’m up to.  Photos taken on my train trip this morning to try to get some natural light!


Here’s a close up, apologies my phone doesn’t take the best photos.IMG-20130821-00047Now let’s talk about why I will never use Noro Silk Garden for this (or perhaps any other) pattern again.  The yarn itself is single ply. There is no consistency in the width, it goes thinner and thicker, thinner and thicker.  This means the beautiful stitch in this pattern is not properly visible.  At one point the yarn even split on me as I was knitting, which I’m sure everyone agrees is such a wonderful thing to happen when you’re half way through a row!!

The colours in this yarn are absolutely beautiful, there’s no doubt about it.  But I have to say after my first experience knitting with Noro, I’m really starting to wonder what all of the fuss is about. There are lots of great quality yarns out there in magnificent colours.

Can anyone out there explain to me why Noro is supposed to be so highly regarded?  Or is it just that I’ve been listening to too much marketing material 🙂

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Finished Objects Friday – Angela’s Mittens and Sleeping Cat

I have two Finished Objects to show off today! Very exciting after not finishing anything for a week or so.  First off is Angela’s Mittens.  (Should that be “is Angela’s Mittens” or “are Angela’s Mittens”?  Feels weird because there are two mittens which implies plural; but it is a single set. Hmmmm.)

Here they are, I finished them off after marathon knitting sessions over the weekend.  They’re lovely and the yarn is great, but I have to admit having a serious case of second Mitten syndrome and it almost broke me

IMG-20130811-00036Close up of the hand bits.

IMG-20130811-00037I’m gifting them tonight at our monthly knitting night.  Hope she likes them!

After sewing in the ends I immediately started on the Sleeping Cat.  It’s a tiny little project and managed to finish it on Wednesday evening (after I’d already posted the WIP Wednesday photo!).  There are still some eyes and nose to embroider but I seem to have lost my black embroidery floss.  The birthday is not until early September so hopefully it shows up in the mean time.

Here she is sleeping on the book from which I got the pattern.  Just like a real cat, sleeping on whatever you’re trying to read!


The plan tonight is to start on a pair of socks all for me!!! I’ll be using my very first Noro Silk Garden Sock Yarn.  Have yet to decide on a pattern. Anyone got some good suggestions?

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WIP Wednesday – Sleeping Cat and Twin Hat

It’s been a few weeks since posting, caused by my last finished object taking longer than usual and being quite busy at work.  Thankfully last weekend was pretty clear and I managed to finish Angela’s mittens and kick of two new WIPs! Will show off the mittens on Friday but meanwhile here’s what I’ve been working on this week.

You may remember my British Shorthair WIP and the Finished Product.  There is a sleeping version of this cat in the Best in Class book so I’m giving that a go with the yarn I had left over.  Finished all the individual bits and if I’m motivated enough tonight I may sew it all up!

IMG-20130813-00041Again I’m blown away by the combination of yarns.  It’s knitted with one strand of Rowan Classic Yarn Cashsoft 4ply and two strands of Rowan Kidsilk Haze.  It’s so soft and furry!

The cat has been my couch project; the next birthday present has been my train project.  I’m making a hat which will be the twin of a hat I crocheted earlier in the year but didn’t post about it.

That project started out life as a Big Button Slouch Hat.  But after finishing the headband and starting on the slouch bit at the back I didn’t like it.  What I really wanted to do was make a hat to match Ivy Wrists in the same yarn. So I ripped it back to the band and then worked to match that pattern for the slouchy bit at the back.

I’m still working on the band but when I finish this time I’ll definitely remember to take photos as evidence of the finished product!

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