Finished Objects Friday – Anya’s Dog & Ribbed Socks

This week has been very productive and I’m glowing in the feeling that is part “Yay Friday!” and part “Yay finished two objects!”.  The latter is even better because the first finished object was something I’d never made before; and the second object I only started on Monday.

Anyway enough glowing, here they are:

First cuff down socks! The pattern is A Nice Ribbed Sock, the yarn is a Zauberball and I made this for my husband.  I had to adjust the pattern as my husband is a size 9 in Australia Mens shoe sizes.  If you’re interested in the stitch numbers I used then check out my Ravelry project.  No, I didn’t bother to ensure the variegation was consistent for both socks.  Yes, I know this is like nails down a chalk board for some knitters; but luckily not me! 🙂


My husband has pretty small feet for a man, and I have pretty large feet for a woman, consequently we wear (almost) the same sock/shoe size.  I suspect I shall be stealing these socks in the future!

IMG-20130724-00014Feeling very proud of myself and cannot wait to start the next pair.  We’ve got about a month and a half of cold weather left so I better get onto it soon!

The second project this week is for my niece Anya’s birthday (details here).  I managed to finish up this project in four days while working full time and this gives me great comfort that I can whip up future projects quickly when birthdays sneak up!

Ran out of blue yarn so I made the arms are the same colour as the ears and eyes.  Also despite trying harder to get the head straight it’s still a bit off centre (see first attempt with Amelie’s Dog).  Oh well he’s still super cute!

IMG-20130725-00019There’s something so satisfying about finishing projects and having a clean slate to start something new!

Happy Friday Everyone and check out other Finished Objects on Tami’s Blog!


8 thoughts on “Finished Objects Friday – Anya’s Dog & Ribbed Socks

    • Thanks! All credit must go to fresh stitches for her pattern. Good luck with the socks! That was my second pair and I think I’m hooked now. Can’t wait to cast on the next pair.

  1. Your dog turned out great! I’m with you on the variegated sock thing–sometimes they match, sometimes they don’t, it’s not something I can agonize about 🙂

  2. I love the socks. I just got a zauberball in the same colorway and really excited to use it especially after seeing projects with it working up so beautifully.

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