Finished Objects Friday – Amelie’s Dog

It has been a very manic week.  Been planning food (to feed 10) for a weekend away for Xmas in July, managed to catch Man of Steel at the movies, and also managed to get out to my craft shop to buy the supplies needed to finish this dog.  That including fitting in full time work and lots of crochet time! Mostly on the train; there’s a lot to be said for public transport.

About to hit the road early for said weekend away so I’ll keep this post short and sweet.  All credit for this cute pattern goes to Fresh Stitches; her amigurumi are so great!

The only change I made (apart from the colours which were requested by Amelie) was that he’s looking over his shoulder.

I really meant to do this.  I absolutely did not get half way through stitching on his head before I realised the mistake.  And if I did get half way through and realise my mistake, I very definitely am not so lazy that I continued and pretended I wanted him that way all along.

IMG-20130711-00008I think looking over his shoulder makes him sort of jaunty.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend full of crafts!


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