WIP Wednesday – Cuff Down Socks and Amelie’s Dog

My first project for the week is a pair off cuff down socks for my husband.  Ever since I knitted my first socks this year I’ve been keen to start on the second pair.  This time though, I wanted to do something a little less tricky.  This Nice Ribbed Sock looked just right and I paired it up with a ball of zauberball from my stash.

The size for the pattern turned out not to be big enough for my husband but after doing an inch or two of the cuff I was able to work out how many extra stitches I needed.  So I ripped out what I’d done and started again.  When it came time to turn the heel and pick up the extra stitches I had to do a bit of maths to figure out how to adjust for my extra stitches but I do love the maths side of knitting so that was part of the fun!

IMG-20130707-00005The first one turns out to fit beautifully even if I do say say so myself.  Husband’s only complaint is he would have liked them a little longer. I thought that was pretty funny as I was more concerned about the heel and toe fitting properly!

Of course I stupidly didn’t write down the different number of stitches in the heel, gusset or toe decreases. Guess I’ll just have to fly by the seat of my pants again for sock number 2.

After finishing the first sock on Sunday night I wasn’t feeling motivated enough to launch into second sock.  And the positive thing about catching trains to and from work again is lots of crochet time! Therefore I started on a Jeffrey the Dog plushie from Fresh Stitches.

This will be for the daughter of one of my colleagues.  She gave a very generous donation to my Dry July fund and I wanted to thank her with something cute.

Managed to finish the head, body, arms, legs and half way through one ear just on train rides.  Hopefully I’ll have it done by Friday although somewhere in there I’ll need to pick up some more stuffing and some craft noses.  More likely it’ll be over the weekend sometime.


What have you been working on this week? For more WIP Wednesdays be sure to check out Tami’s blog using the logo at the top!


12 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday – Cuff Down Socks and Amelie’s Dog

  1. The sock looks awesome! I really want to make some adult socks at some point, but always seem to just knit socks for the kids. I’m sure the other one will turn out just as lovely!

    • I have to admit a part of me wanted to keep knitting and hope that the socks at least fit my foot. But then I rationalised that knittting two whole socks the wrong size was much worse than ripping out an inch of ribbing 🙂

    • I get the feeling I’ll always have a pair of socks on the go at any point in time now. They’re so easy to transport and for the simple ones you don’t even need to take the pattern!

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