Finished Objects Friday – Lucia’s Owl and Hannah’s Monster

Thank goodness it’s Friday! It’s been school holidays this week and for the first time since being a step-mum I took some time off work to look after my two step-kids.  We had an awesome time, sleeping in, playing computer games, kicking the ball around the park, seeing a movie.  I managed to get heaps of crafting time in too and had dinner cooked for my husband when he arrived home.

My conclusion? I want to be a house-wife! I think I’d be so good at it and get so much satisfaction out of it.  Alas, on Thursday I headed back to work.  My husband isn’t nearly so good at being a house-husband.  When I arrived home last night and said “What’s for dinner?” he replied “I don’t know.”  Fail 🙂

I did manage to complete two of my projects.  An Owl for Lucia and a monster for Hannah.

IMG-20130630-00003Hannah I mentioned in my last post. Lucia is my boss’ daughter.  My boss generously sponsored me for Dry July and in return I whipped up this from Fresh Stitches pattern Nelson the Owl.

I say whipped because it seriously only took me a day.  Unlike the socks I started working on next.  I’m sure I’ll still be working on them for WIP Wednesday next week!


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