WIP Wednesday – Angela’s Mittens

Last week I was chatting with one of my besties over messenger and she mentioned needing some mittens.  Sydney is not the coldest place in the world but the mornings and evenings can still get brisk enough to need some coverage on the extremities!

When people around me express a need for something woolen and knitted I get as excited as a child before Christmas.  It means I get to make something for someone that they want and need. Hurray!

Within a few minutes of searching on Ravelry Angela had found the pattern she wanted, Mittens.  I’m going to alter it to knit in the round as I hate/am not very good at sewing things up and making it look nice.

Started it last night and continued on the train to work this morning.


I’m using Adorn Silky Merino in Claret.  I’ve made a few things in this yarn already: two of these Capot Scarves; one Reversible Basketweave Baby Blanket; and one Hooded Seedstitch Baby Blanket. This colour is left over from the latter.

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Note on the other Adorn Silky Merino projects:

If I’m completely honest, this yarn is not very practical for a baby blanket.  It’s not cheap and I don’t think it’s machine washable. But it’s so soft and squishy and I love knitting with it so much that I couldn’t help myself.

Meanwhile my Capot Scarf is a winter staple. It’s the first item of clothing that I knitted after re-discovering knitting 3 years ago and it’s the first thing knitted in the round.  I love it so much and rarely leave home without it.

Finished Objects Friday – Anya’s Dog & Ribbed Socks

This week has been very productive and I’m glowing in the feeling that is part “Yay Friday!” and part “Yay finished two objects!”.  The latter is even better because the first finished object was something I’d never made before; and the second object I only started on Monday.

Anyway enough glowing, here they are:

First cuff down socks! The pattern is A Nice Ribbed Sock, the yarn is a Zauberball and I made this for my husband.  I had to adjust the pattern as my husband is a size 9 in Australia Mens shoe sizes.  If you’re interested in the stitch numbers I used then check out my Ravelry project.  No, I didn’t bother to ensure the variegation was consistent for both socks.  Yes, I know this is like nails down a chalk board for some knitters; but luckily not me! 🙂


My husband has pretty small feet for a man, and I have pretty large feet for a woman, consequently we wear (almost) the same sock/shoe size.  I suspect I shall be stealing these socks in the future!

IMG-20130724-00014Feeling very proud of myself and cannot wait to start the next pair.  We’ve got about a month and a half of cold weather left so I better get onto it soon!

The second project this week is for my niece Anya’s birthday (details here).  I managed to finish up this project in four days while working full time and this gives me great comfort that I can whip up future projects quickly when birthdays sneak up!

Ran out of blue yarn so I made the arms are the same colour as the ears and eyes.  Also despite trying harder to get the head straight it’s still a bit off centre (see first attempt with Amelie’s Dog).  Oh well he’s still super cute!

IMG-20130725-00019There’s something so satisfying about finishing projects and having a clean slate to start something new!

Happy Friday Everyone and check out other Finished Objects on Tami’s Blog!

WIP Wednesday – Anya’s Dog

It’s my niece’s 7th birthday coming up mid-august. I cannot believe she’s going to be 7! She’s my first niece so I still think of her as being this lovely new thing. But really she’s her own person now and she loves dogs.

Consequently I’ve decided her birthday amigurumi this year should be Nelson the Dog, this time in her favourite colour blue.  There was some lovely blue hiding away in my stash (Morris Estate 8ply) but there mustn’t have been as much left as I thought as it’s run out after doing the body and the legs.  Luckily I had a lovely brown which I think matches quite nicely so I’ll do up the arms, ears, and eyes in that.

Coming along nicely using my train time! Not sure when I would get all my crafting done if I lived close enough to walk to work.

I may even finish it in time for Finished Objects Friday!


Finished Objects Friday – Amelie’s Dog

It has been a very manic week.  Been planning food (to feed 10) for a weekend away for Xmas in July, managed to catch Man of Steel at the movies, and also managed to get out to my craft shop to buy the supplies needed to finish this dog.  That including fitting in full time work and lots of crochet time! Mostly on the train; there’s a lot to be said for public transport.

About to hit the road early for said weekend away so I’ll keep this post short and sweet.  All credit for this cute pattern goes to Fresh Stitches; her amigurumi are so great!

The only change I made (apart from the colours which were requested by Amelie) was that he’s looking over his shoulder.

I really meant to do this.  I absolutely did not get half way through stitching on his head before I realised the mistake.  And if I did get half way through and realise my mistake, I very definitely am not so lazy that I continued and pretended I wanted him that way all along.

IMG-20130711-00008I think looking over his shoulder makes him sort of jaunty.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend full of crafts!

WIP Wednesday – Cuff Down Socks and Amelie’s Dog

My first project for the week is a pair off cuff down socks for my husband.  Ever since I knitted my first socks this year I’ve been keen to start on the second pair.  This time though, I wanted to do something a little less tricky.  This Nice Ribbed Sock looked just right and I paired it up with a ball of zauberball from my stash.

The size for the pattern turned out not to be big enough for my husband but after doing an inch or two of the cuff I was able to work out how many extra stitches I needed.  So I ripped out what I’d done and started again.  When it came time to turn the heel and pick up the extra stitches I had to do a bit of maths to figure out how to adjust for my extra stitches but I do love the maths side of knitting so that was part of the fun!

IMG-20130707-00005The first one turns out to fit beautifully even if I do say say so myself.  Husband’s only complaint is he would have liked them a little longer. I thought that was pretty funny as I was more concerned about the heel and toe fitting properly!

Of course I stupidly didn’t write down the different number of stitches in the heel, gusset or toe decreases. Guess I’ll just have to fly by the seat of my pants again for sock number 2.

After finishing the first sock on Sunday night I wasn’t feeling motivated enough to launch into second sock.  And the positive thing about catching trains to and from work again is lots of crochet time! Therefore I started on a Jeffrey the Dog plushie from Fresh Stitches.

This will be for the daughter of one of my colleagues.  She gave a very generous donation to my Dry July fund and I wanted to thank her with something cute.

Managed to finish the head, body, arms, legs and half way through one ear just on train rides.  Hopefully I’ll have it done by Friday although somewhere in there I’ll need to pick up some more stuffing and some craft noses.  More likely it’ll be over the weekend sometime.


What have you been working on this week? For more WIP Wednesdays be sure to check out Tami’s blog using the logo at the top!

Finished Objects Friday – Lucia’s Owl and Hannah’s Monster

Thank goodness it’s Friday! It’s been school holidays this week and for the first time since being a step-mum I took some time off work to look after my two step-kids.  We had an awesome time, sleeping in, playing computer games, kicking the ball around the park, seeing a movie.  I managed to get heaps of crafting time in too and had dinner cooked for my husband when he arrived home.

My conclusion? I want to be a house-wife! I think I’d be so good at it and get so much satisfaction out of it.  Alas, on Thursday I headed back to work.  My husband isn’t nearly so good at being a house-husband.  When I arrived home last night and said “What’s for dinner?” he replied “I don’t know.”  Fail 🙂

I did manage to complete two of my projects.  An Owl for Lucia and a monster for Hannah.

IMG-20130630-00003Hannah I mentioned in my last post. Lucia is my boss’ daughter.  My boss generously sponsored me for Dry July and in return I whipped up this from Fresh Stitches pattern Nelson the Owl.

I say whipped because it seriously only took me a day.  Unlike the socks I started working on next.  I’m sure I’ll still be working on them for WIP Wednesday next week!