WIP Wednesday – Hannah’s 1st Birthday Monster

The daughter of one of my girlfriends, who is also kind of my step-cousin (my great-aunt married her grandfather), turned 1 yesterday. Happy birthday Hannah!

I’m way behind in my present making, usually the monster is finished well before the actual date.  But I’ve been behind the past week or so for various reasons. We’re not catching up until next weekend though so she’ll never know it wasn’t ready in time!

I’ve finished the eyes.


And the legs.

IMG-20130626-00001It’s going to be almost identical to Madison’s Monster with the exception that the yarn is a lighter pink.  I probably could have come up with a variation but to be honest I wasn’t feeling the monster-design-mojo this month.

With any luck it’ll be done by Friday. Although I woke up this morning feeling like I’d been hit by a truck so I don’t like my chances.

Have to say I’m over this winter already! How long until the sun starts shining again?!


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