Finished Objects Friday – Mittens and British Shorthair


OK this isn’t mittens nor a British Shorthair cat.  I didn’t even knit it, although I wish I had! As I mentioned before I visited my parents over the long weekend and as usual I came home bearing gifts.  My mother knitted this about 20 years ago but moved to the sub-tropics just after finishing it.  It’s only been worn very rarely in that time; Brisbane is way too warm to wear wool.  And this visit mum decided she couldn’t bear to have it stored away anymore. I’m looking forward to wearing it on some cold winter nights! Although I suspect it may be too warm even for Sydney, it is one of my most prized possessions.

Now onto something I did make myself! At work last week one of my staff noticed my Vancouver Fog mittens and asked for a pair for him and his son.  I love it when people ask me to knit things, it’s great because you don’t have to worry about whether they’ll like the result. So naturally I agreed and got very excited. It was only later that I wondered whether it would be weird that I knit him a gift? Would that be seen as favouritism? Now I wonder if I should offer to knit something for my other team members too? What’s the etiquette there?

To make myself feel better I made him donate to my Dry July fund.  It’s a great cause, you can click on the link to find out more or donate.

He didn’t want the cabling so I made it straight stockinette stitch and reduced the number of stitches a bit for his son’s version.  Still felt mildly uncomfortable about the whole thing so finished it as quickly as possible.  Started on the flight to Brisbane Saturday morning; finished on the train to work Tuesday morning.

IMG-20130611-00250The rest of the week (apart from Tuesday night) I concentrated on finishing the British Shorthair.  Last night I did my first ever french knot! Love love love learning new techniques!  I’m very pleased with how he’s turned out.  I miss my fur babies terribly and so he sat on my lap for the rest of the night.

IMG-20130613-00254  IMG-20130613-00253I have enough yarn left over to make another but it was a very fiddly project so I’ll probably wait a while before attempting.

Now… what to start next?!  So many possibilities!!

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