WIP Wednesday – Progress on British Shorthair and Renovations

It has been a very eventful week; lots going on at the moment and not all of it good.  We had a long weekend here in Aus and I spent it flying my two fur babies up to my parent’s house so they could be looked after while we undertake renovations.  My husband spent the weekend ripping up the floor so this is what I came back to.


Our house is very old by Australian standards, being built in 1880.  Before we can renovate we need to stabilise the footings hence ripping up the floors so we can underpin.  Yesterday was the first day of digging and already the builder has concerns about whether the job can be done! So it’s now on hold until a structural engineer can come out to re-assess.  We knew there’d be issues, but I didn’t think we’d hit something this significant on the first day!

I was so depressed about the whole thing that I did no knitting last night.  Couldn’t even bring myself to pull this little baby out of the knitting bag.  Our house is so dusty and smelly it feels wrong to expose the beautiful yarn to the elements.

Luckily I had already progressed somewhat since the last WIP Wednesday; there’s now a tail and have also sewn up one of the legs. If I’m to have it done by Friday I’d better get cracking tonight!

IMG-20130612-00251I’m thinking I’ll lock myself in the bedroom away from the construction zone and pretend it’s not happening 🙂


7 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday – Progress on British Shorthair and Renovations

  1. It’ll be a relief to get the answer from the engineer; I hope it’s all good news. We’re lucky because we’re in a new house and we watched (and photographed) it being built. We know exactly what’s where behind the drywall, inside the ceilings and under the floors 🙂

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