Finished Objects Friday – Aylah’s Crab and Vancouver Fog

Hurray it’s Friday! I have a lot of mixed feelings today.  One one hand I’m excited because it’s Friday and we have a long weekend here in Aus.  I’m also heading up to visit my parents in Queensland where it will no doubt be warmer and I’ll have lots of relaxing times.

On the other hand the reason I’m going up there is to take my cats up so that my parents can look after them while we undertake some pretty significant renovations in our heritage house.  I’m concerned about how stressed the cats will be on the flight and then getting used to a new house with new people.  And selfishly I’m going to miss them terribly for the next few months.

The great thing is that my parents are both huge cat lovers and they’re very excited to be looking after my furry babies.  They won’t have to worry about their legs getting cold during the cooler months.

IMG-20130603-00233Meanwhile on to some Finished Objects.  First off is the Vancouver Fog Mittens.  They’re lovely and warm and I’ve been wearing them every day on the cold walk to the train station.  The one on the left looks bigger because I used a different cast on and cast off method for each.  I thought the first one was a little loose so I tightened it up for the second. Probably should go back and fix the first one up but you know, I’ve moved on to other things 🙂

IMG-20130531-00231Second Finished Object is Aylah’s crab, from Fresh Stitches Tip the Crab pattern.  This one got put on hold for a while because I lost my 3.75 mm hook on the train.  I needed to purchase another one so that it matched the set I had which took a bit of research and then wait for it to be delivered.  No, I don’t have OCD, OCD is a very serious condition. I just hate having a set of something with one piece missing. Don’t you?

IMG-20130603-00232I ran out of craft eyes so ended up sewing on the pupils instead.  At first I didn’t like it, but now I just think he looks a bit tired.  Or wasted.  Or both.

Hope you all have fabulous weekends!


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