WIP Wednesday – British Shorthair

A while back, maybe a year or over, one of our great couple friends gave me this book.  It’s full of beautiful patterns for cats. Given we’re both great cat lovers this was very a appropriate gift.


Since I received the book I have only knit one cat.  It didn’t go that well, the body was too long and it looked very strange so I never ended up finishing the ears, tails, eyes etc. You know, all the things that would make it look like a proper cat!

The first one ended up as a toy for my actual cats.  It’s their favourite.  Started out by them carrying it around by the scruff of it’s neck just like they would real prey.  Then they would drop it in our laps and play fetch with it for as long as they could before we would get bored.  Now it is missing a head and paws and most of it’s stuffing.

It’s coming up to the birthday of the friend who gave it to me and I thought it’d be nice to make her something from it.  I’ve decided on the british shorthair.

The patterns in here use techniques that I’d never seen before like wrapping and turning.  They’re also quite small and on tiny needles. But they’re all explained well in the appendix so no trouble there.

For the first time ever I purchased the actual yarn that the pattern suggested, that is a combination of Rowan Classic Yarn Cashsoft 4ply and Rowan Kidsilk Haze.  You knit with one strand of the cashsoft and two strands of the Kidsilk Haze.

I thought it would be difficult to manage at first but with the Kidsilk I grabbed both ends of the yarn and it’s pulling out of the ball quite nicely without having to re-wind it.  The result is this amazingly soft and furry fabric. Just like a cat!


It doesn’t look like much now, but hopefully I’ll have it done for a Finished Object Friday next week.  We’re just about to embark on some significant house renovations so it all depends on how that goes.

Wish me luck!


11 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday – British Shorthair

  1. That looks like a fun project! I have been scouring the internet to find a knitted dog pattern with not a lot of success, for my niece. I think I have found one, but am a little scared of a pattern that is a little more complicated than I am used to! Good luck on your cat!

    • You knit the back legs and the join them to the front while doing the sides so that’s mostly knitting. There’s a bit of sewing to seam up the back, legs and belly which I’m not looking forward to though!

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