WIP Wednesday – Vancouver Fog Mittens

It’s definitely winter time here in Sydney.  The warm weather hung around for a while but scarves and heaters are very much needed now.  The last two days have been the foggiest I’ve seen since I moved here 9 years ago.  Check out the view from my office.IMG-20130529-00228

That’s the expressway that leads onto the Harbour Bridge.  The view usually looks like this, taken later in the day, if you squint you can see the Opera House.


A month or so ago I bought a lovely warm jacket that will last me for years and years. Only problem I found in the last week is that the pockets aren’t that great for keeping your hands warm!  Lucky I have a knitting habit.

After a lot of searching through Ravelry, Vancouver Fog caught my eye; very appropriately named for the recent weather!  It’s knitting up very quickly, I managed to finish one mitten on Saturday.  This is the progress I’ve made on the second.

IMG-20130529-00227It’s only my second attempt at cabling and I’m new to double-pointed needles too but I’m loving the challenge.  Looking forward to toasty hands on future cold foggy Sydney mornings!


16 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday – Vancouver Fog Mittens

  1. I must find a mit pattern called “Oberheime Rain&Snow” matching the weather we have been having since October 26, 2012. It would cheer me up! 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing that pattern. I’d not seen it, and I’m looking increase my mitt pile! I suffer from cold hands and having mitts for around the house is a definite requirement. I think yours are going to be lovely. Cabling is definitely an addictive pastime. Whenever I knit cables I always just want to finish the next repeat and before you realise you get to the end.

    • This pattern really is fantastic. You do two repeats of the cabling, then the third repeat has the thumb gusset, and then after some ribbing for the fingers and thumb it’s all over! Definitely something that can be done in a weekend. Thanks 🙂

    • Yes we’re quite lucky here that the winters are mild compared to a lot of other places. Something to be said for some time inside by the fire while it’s snowing outside though!

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