Finished Objects Friday – Manly Sea Eagles Scarf

This FOF has been a long time coming.  Years ago when I first started to knit seriously (after a long break in my teens and 20s) my then boyfriend would look at me askance and say “Who are you and what have you done with my girlfriend?”.

I put up with all the needling and gentle fun he poked at me, it was all done in good humour. Then I started to get better and make gifts for my girlfriends and for the little people around me. Never did I think I would make something for him, I thought he would consider a knitted gift to be a bit nerdy and uncool.

Then one day the gentle needling turned into a “Well you’ve never made me anything!”.  It was such a surprise! I didn’t even realise he secretly wanted me to make him something!

It took a little while before I decided on the idea for this scarf.  At first it was going to be just a simple garter scarf in his team colours.  I even got started on it but then was too bored to finish! Then I learned double-knitting and the plan for the reversible fabric and “Manly” written into it took shape.

My very first WIP Wednesday post was about this scarf – WIP Wednesday – Manly Sea Eagles Scarf.

I took it with me everywhere, from our Vietnam honeymoon to a weekend away down the NSW South Coast for my father-in-law’s 70th.

Another WIP Wednesday update in January showed a bit of progress.

Here it is being modeled by it’s very happy new owner. His mates are all very jealous and he’ll stay very warm during those cold winter games!  I wish you could see the pleased grin on his face, but I’m a bit funny about posting face pictures and I think he’d prefer it this way.

IMG-20130401-00200It’s finally done!  And now I’m going to devote myself to learning the art of knitting socks.  Probably won’t have a FOF for a while now so I’m going to relish this one as long as I can!  Check out other Finished Objects on Tami’s Blog.


14 thoughts on “Finished Objects Friday – Manly Sea Eagles Scarf

  1. What a brilliant gift! It must have taken a lot of knitting, I’m glad you found a perfect way to share your hobby. I wish I could find something to knit for my man, but he really doesn’t wear things like hats, gloves or scarves (even shop bought ones). I offered to knit socks but he says they would be too thick for him. One day I’ll find something!

  2. Love it! My husband never wants knitted things. Too hot to wear sweaters and doesn’t wear scarves. I did knit him some socks once, and he never wore them. Until one cold winer I started to notice they were always on his feet at night. He wore through them with so much wear. Just haven’t gotten up the desire to knit him another pair yet.

  3. That’s an impressive scarf! It’s wonderful to knit a gift that receives so much appreciation! Good luck with the sock knitting. Something so small should be very welcome after a project of this magnitude.

  4. My son wants me to knit a roosters scarf with ‘chooks’ written on it, after looking instore and online I can’t find a pattern or guide to do it. I have tried to find the ‘design it’ ap without success. Looking at your success with the great scarf you have completed, can you please guide me to a site for double knitting and sorting out the knitting of the words?
    Thanks, Julia

    • Yeah no worries. I’m away on holidays until the end of the week without wifi but I’ll put a few things together next week! Have been meaning to for a while so thanks for giving me the motivation 😀

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