Finished Objects Friday – Manly Sea Eagles Scarf

This FOF has been a long time coming.  Years ago when I first started to knit seriously (after a long break in my teens and 20s) my then boyfriend would look at me askance and say “Who are you and what have you done with my girlfriend?”.

I put up with all the needling and gentle fun he poked at me, it was all done in good humour. Then I started to get better and make gifts for my girlfriends and for the little people around me. Never did I think I would make something for him, I thought he would consider a knitted gift to be a bit nerdy and uncool.

Then one day the gentle needling turned into a “Well you’ve never made me anything!”.  It was such a surprise! I didn’t even realise he secretly wanted me to make him something!

It took a little while before I decided on the idea for this scarf.  At first it was going to be just a simple garter scarf in his team colours.  I even got started on it but then was too bored to finish! Then I learned double-knitting and the plan for the reversible fabric and “Manly” written into it took shape.

My very first WIP Wednesday post was about this scarf – WIP Wednesday – Manly Sea Eagles Scarf.

I took it with me everywhere, from our Vietnam honeymoon to a weekend away down the NSW South Coast for my father-in-law’s 70th.

Another WIP Wednesday update in January showed a bit of progress.

Here it is being modeled by it’s very happy new owner. His mates are all very jealous and he’ll stay very warm during those cold winter games!  I wish you could see the pleased grin on his face, but I’m a bit funny about posting face pictures and I think he’d prefer it this way.

IMG-20130401-00200It’s finally done!  And now I’m going to devote myself to learning the art of knitting socks.  Probably won’t have a FOF for a while now so I’m going to relish this one as long as I can!  Check out other Finished Objects on Tami’s Blog.

WIP Wednesday – Something for me!

The Manly Scarf is done! I’m so happy, even though it was a bit late it’s still done in time for the cool weather. Anyway I’ll write about that for Finished Objects Friday.

Meanwhile for the first time in a long time I not only had no current projects, but I had time to work on something for me.  Not only a new skill that I want to learn, but an end project that would be all mine.

To that end I started the Sock Knitting Workshop by Craftsy which I signed up for a very long time ago but have not yet completed.

It took a little bit of time before getting to the actual knitting but all of the lead up information was very useful and although I was impatient to get started I knew it would be worthwhile.  And when we finally did start to knit I wondered if I had gotten in over my head (even though I’ve only finished one of the toes on one of the sock patterns!).

The first practical exercise was to begin with a swirl toe using a Turkish cast-on method.  I have only ever cast on using the cable cast-on method before so this was huge. Also I am not yet experienced in knitting with thin yarn nor small needles nor double-pointed needles.

But despite the teacher explaining how we should practice on bigger yarn on bigger needles I decided to dive in head-first and start the real thing.

And I’m loving it!!!!IMG-20130403-00202

IMG-20130403-00207Yes it’s difficult, yes it’s fiddly, yes my fingers are aching. But I haven’t been this excited about a project in a long time.  I want to stay up all night and knit and I don’t know how I’ll be able to stand going to work tomorrow when all I want to do is stay at home and work more on these socks.

If only there were more hours in the day! Or if only I didn’t need my job to support my yarn habit.

In addition to the project itself I am also loving this yarn. It’s a gorgeous deep navy blue that surprises me each time I look at it with how rich it is.  I borrowed/stole it from my mother’s stash a few years ago and it’s just sat in the back of my yarn drawer ever since as it was too thin a ply for any of my projects.

Boy I cannot wait for a winter spent making socks with this stuff! There’s even a few more balls of it in addition to what’s pictured.

All the yarn/knitting stars have aligned for me this week!

Hope you’re all loving life as much as I am!