Finished Objects Friday – Easter Chicks and Ang’s Owl

It’s been a very big week for finishing my crocheted softies, all the patterns for which came from Fresh Stitches.

Firstly because it’s Easter I had to give Russ, the Chick in an Egg a go.  I managed to do one for each of my step-kids and it turned out to be a lovely little bag to stuff full of small eggs.  Love how they turned out!


IMG-20130322-00193Next I finished of Ang’s Owl which was also a Fresh Stitches pattern, Nelson the Owl.

IMG-20130329-00198I don’t think I sewed him together right as I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to see the stitching between the body and head.  Thinking about ripping it out and doing it again, but still trying to decide whether having a little necklace there is OK.

Maybe I’ll let Ang decide?

Now to get back to finishing my husband’s Manly scarf this weekend. Hopefully I don’t get distracted by another crochet project.

Happy Easter everyone!




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