Finished Objects Friday – Madison and Gracie’s Monsters

Wow it’s been so long since I’ve managed to post.  This has been a combination of holidays, post holiday madness and then sheer laziness! Luckily the laziness hasn’t affected my finished objects and I’ve got a few to show off today.  (My laziness has affected my WIP Wednesdays though as I’m too busy finishing things to take photos when they’re half way through!)

First FO is Grace’s Monster.  Grace is Zoe’s sister and even though her birthday isn’t until September, I whipped up an (almost) identical monster because the two girls were fighting over Zoe’s! For the sake of peace in the family I thought it best to forget waiting until her birthday.  I couldn’t remember all the dimensions properly so she ended up like this.

IMG-20130315-00189The girls call them both “Google” which I think is adorable.

Next it was Madison’s birthday and I thought I’d copy Nicholas’ monster for this, sans the mouth.  Working with this pink really took me back to my childhood when this was my favourite colour of all! Even the lady at the shop commented about how wonderful this colour is and I have to agree with her.

IMG-20130315-00188After all that was done I realised I had three finished monsters in the house. This was unusual as I usually give them away as soon as they’re done.  But look how happy they are together!

IMG-20130315-00186I need to figure out how I can setup some sort of reunion and get all the kids and their monsters in the same room for a group photo. Wonder what my chances are there?

Happy Friday!


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