Finished Objects Friday – Easter Chicks and Ang’s Owl

It’s been a very big week for finishing my crocheted softies, all the patterns for which came from Fresh Stitches.

Firstly because it’s Easter I had to give Russ, the Chick in an Egg a go.  I managed to do one for each of my step-kids and it turned out to be a lovely little bag to stuff full of small eggs.  Love how they turned out!


IMG-20130322-00193Next I finished of Ang’s Owl which was also a Fresh Stitches pattern, Nelson the Owl.

IMG-20130329-00198I don’t think I sewed him together right as I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to see the stitching between the body and head.  Thinking about ripping it out and doing it again, but still trying to decide whether having a little necklace there is OK.

Maybe I’ll let Ang decide?

Now to get back to finishing my husband’s Manly scarf this weekend. Hopefully I don’t get distracted by another crochet project.

Happy Easter everyone!



WIP Wednesday – Nelson Owl for Ang

I’m still working on my husband’s Manly Scarf. I only have a few more bands to go but I keep finding excuses to do other things.  I have missed the goal date of his birthday (end January) and I’ve also missed the goal of the beginning of the footy season (it started three weeks ago).  I have about a month or two before it gets cold enough to need a woolen scarf though so I’m not feeling too bad about it.

The most motivating reason to finish this scarf is so that I can start my sock knitting course from Craftsy. I’m pretty good at not starting too many things at once, I think one knitting project and one crochet project is more than enough.  So I won’t start knitting something else until the scarf is done.

Doesn’t mean I cannot crochet something though! And I’ve also found some new time in the day to fit in some crochet; being the 45 minute train ride to and from work each day.  Crochet is the perfect craft for the train as I tend to crochet smaller objects (being toys) and I find my elbows aren’t always jutting out like they do when I knit.

Last week I managed to finish two Easter gifts for my step-kids (keep an eye out for Finished Objects Friday!).  And this week I’m getting started on a Nelson Owl for my bestie Ang.

I’m terribly late for her birthday too (late February) but I figure better late than never. And with the progress I’m making (I’ve actually made the body and the head already even though the photo below only shows the head) I reckon I’ll have it done by the time I see her Saturday night.

(I wonder what my chances are of getting the scarf done by then too? If so I could spend some of the Easter long weekend learning to knit socks!)

I took the photo below from my phone. You probably can’t see but this is all sitting on my knee.  The gorgeous little bag was made for me by another bestie who sews, Lindsey.

IMG-20130327-00194Now that I’m organised to crochet on my train journeys I am so much happier in the mornings and the train home doesn’t drag so much.  Seeing how much I’ve accomplished with that “wasted” time makes me wish I’d started doing it sooner.

All I need now is to get over my car-sickness so I can make use of all that time driving to pick up and drop off the kids!

Finished Objects Friday – Madison and Gracie’s Monsters

Wow it’s been so long since I’ve managed to post.  This has been a combination of holidays, post holiday madness and then sheer laziness! Luckily the laziness hasn’t affected my finished objects and I’ve got a few to show off today.  (My laziness has affected my WIP Wednesdays though as I’m too busy finishing things to take photos when they’re half way through!)

First FO is Grace’s Monster.  Grace is Zoe’s sister and even though her birthday isn’t until September, I whipped up an (almost) identical monster because the two girls were fighting over Zoe’s! For the sake of peace in the family I thought it best to forget waiting until her birthday.  I couldn’t remember all the dimensions properly so she ended up like this.

IMG-20130315-00189The girls call them both “Google” which I think is adorable.

Next it was Madison’s birthday and I thought I’d copy Nicholas’ monster for this, sans the mouth.  Working with this pink really took me back to my childhood when this was my favourite colour of all! Even the lady at the shop commented about how wonderful this colour is and I have to agree with her.

IMG-20130315-00188After all that was done I realised I had three finished monsters in the house. This was unusual as I usually give them away as soon as they’re done.  But look how happy they are together!

IMG-20130315-00186I need to figure out how I can setup some sort of reunion and get all the kids and their monsters in the same room for a group photo. Wonder what my chances are there?

Happy Friday!