WIP Wednesday – Progress on Manly Scarf

I finally finished Ethan’s Monster! I’ll post photos for that for Finished Objects Friday.  And I’m so pleased because that lets me progress with my husband’s birthday scarf.  Definitely won’t be finished this before his birthday (tomorrow); but we’re going away on a 3 week relaxing holiday and this is going to be the project I take with me so fingers crossed I make good progress on it while away.

Apologies for the bad lighting in these shots, the camera on my phone is playing up!


Remembering I’m using double-knitting for this to create the reversible fabric.  It’s very slow going!



8 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday – Progress on Manly Scarf

  1. I love that to us crafters, holidays aren’t about seeing the sights, they’re about QUALITY CRAFTING TIME!!

    looking good!

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