WIP Wednesday – Ethan’s Monster

I thought after finishing Zoe’s Monster I could take a break for a while on the amigurumi thing and work on my knitting.  But when I checked the calendar I realised that there’s another birthday coming up end of February and we’re going on holiday for three weeks right in the middle!

I do plan to take a project with me when we’re away, but don’t think the amigurumi is the right one so thought I’d get a head start on Ethan’s monster.

Had a few ideas for some shaping that I hadn’t done before so jotted these down (apologies for the fuzziness this week has been one big rush!).  My husband then chose the one on the bottom right. IMG-20130106-00162

Using some of the same yarn as the previous monster I got started. Loving the cone shaped head.  It’s good to mix it up from the spherical shapes I’d been doing previously.


Fingers crossed I manage to get it done for Finished Objects Friday! Otherwise I’ll have nothing to show.


One thought on “WIP Wednesday – Ethan’s Monster

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