Finished Objects Friday – Zoe’s Monster

Last year year was all about learning how to design and make amigurumi.  During the course of the year I made monsters for all my nieces and nephews and my step-kids.

This year I decided to make monsters for all my husband’s nieces and nephews and first up is Zoe at the end of January.  Over Xmas Zoe and I had a little chat and we sat down to draw up a few drafts.  We didn’t settle on one though and in the end she decided she wanted something that looked a bit like an octopus, leaving me to come up with the final design.

I drew up a few ideas one night on the couch and sent them on to see if she liked any.  Turns out the one at 3 o’clock was a goer!IMG-20121228-00152I used some yarn that I had in my stash and got started just before new years.  This monster is probably the quickest one I have done to date.  It crocheted up so quickly that without the speed bumps of NYE, recovery from NYE, and full time work I think I may have knocked it over in two days. That is if my fingers would behave and stop cramping up after an hour or so!

Meanwhile I am happy with a week turn around on these things because I love making them and giving them away and I am also not the most organised person in the world.  This year, I suspect, will contain a lot of “oh crap it’s their birthday next week” moments.  So long as I have enough supplies on hand that should still mean that the little people in my life can still get their monsters!


PS It’s not your eyes. It is not completely symmetrical! Something happened when I was shaping the neckline. I was counting and checking and recounting and that still happened.  But oh well, everyone’s body is a little bit different; that just makes them more perfect!


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