My Biggest Crocheted Item (to date)

After learning to crochet last year (actually it’s the year before last now isn’t it?) and having some success with monsters, I told my Mum that if she found a pattern she’d liked then I’d love to make it for her.  I don’t like buying gifts so much, but I love making gifts.

So Mum found Round Yoke Poncho, I bought some beautiful, soft yarn from Lincraft and away I went.  This was the biggest thing I’d ever crocheted before but the technique looked pretty straight forward and the pattern said easy so I was excited to give it a go.

For something this big I thought I really should do a gauge square, but after two I still didn’t have it right.  I decided to jump on in and live with the consequences.

Within a few nights I was here:


And then after a week or so I was here.  This thing was getting so big, it was really exciting to do something that was shaped this way with just a single hook and a bit of yarn.  My cat Sebastian also thought it was looking pretty cool. He takes a keen interest in my work.


I travel a bit for work and this was a great project to take with me interstate.  After a few weeks of work in hotel rooms and a bit on weekends I’d managed to get the shape and the arms done.


It was now ready to try on and I was a bit nervous. I knew that the gauge at the start wasn’t quite right so there was a large chance that it wasn’t going to fit properly. I also could see that it wasn’t as long as the picture in the pattern; but a knitted or crocheted garment rarely ever turns out exactly like the pattern (at least not for someone with my level of ability).

From the front I was pretty happy. As I suspected it wasn’t quite long enough, but unfortunately I didn’t feel confident to keep extending the pattern repeats at the bottom without making a huge mistake.  And although it looked different I didn’t think it looked bad either.

IMG-20120520-00023 2

Wasn’t as happy from the side.  The back puffed out a bit for my liking, but I didn’t think that making it longer would fix that. I think it’s more an attribute of the type of yarn I was using; it didn’t have a huge amount of “drape”.

IMG-20120520-00024 2

With that, all it needed now is for the ends to be sewn in and some buttons put on the front.  I took care of sewing in the ends, but decided to let Mum choose her own buttons and sew them on.

In the end it turned out quite well.  It wasn’t perfect but I did learn a number of things from this exercise.

1. When using variegated yarn, it is important to make sure you’re on the same bit of colour when you join balls.  Someone had told me this before but I didn’t listen to them.  I thought that sounded like wasting a lot of yarn for something that wasn’t going to be that noticeable.  But with this project, each change of ball is so obvious to me that I’m annoyed I didn’t make the effort.  Guess that’s me being stubborn and having to learn the hard way.

2. When sewing in the ends, be very careful when pulling the yarn to sew in on the wrong side.  I did this by pulling it through on the next stitch leaving a sort of loop on the right side.  This was easily fixed by pulling out the sewn in end and re-doing, but would have been much easier to do it right the first time.

Overall I was pretty happy with the result and know how to make it much better in future!DSC_0209




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